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Welcome to, the address that comes to mind when it comes to design, fashion and shopping. If you desire to experience new season products of famous brands and designers, season trends and the best campaigns, Lidyana is the right place. Let´s have a quick summary of what you will see when you look at the magnificent collections, we´ve added every season.

When it comes to women´s clothing, there are plenty of options and it is quite difficult to make a choice. So we usually move by thinking of many factors while looking for pieces in our own way. Discounts, designs, material qualities are often essential in our selection of materials. As the first shopping site that comes to mind, we are pleased to meet with brands that never make concessions on quality such as Bendis, Kismet By Milka, Tommy Hilfiger. The pieces that come to the first minds in terms of fashion are undoubtedly the pieces that you can express your style like dress, skirt, jumpsuits at first sight.You can often come across these pieces in our Lidyana brand´s collections, which are acclaimed every season. You cannot think of a dress without stylish pieces to complement it. The first brand comes to mind when it comes to shoes in our country, İnci. World-famous brands such as Superga, Vans, which surprised us with some of the most ambitious shoe models and sneakers that are on the rise and have no intention of stopping are just a few of the brands you can come across. You can come across new season products of Adidas and Nike, the most respected sportswear brands on the global market, at Lidyana before stores. The diversity of shoes, which is what women are most pleased with buying from when shopping, is not limited. For ladies who like feminine touches, the most striking heels are also on! Designed for special events where heels are worn most, the models of evening gowns and dresses will also help you to remember the most beautiful moments you can experience only once, such as wedding and prom.

Did someone say summer ? Then lets make a place for swimsuits&bikinis and Ray-Ban sunglasses models on the luggage. Did we tell you that the technology tools you need to on the road and the best accessories for iPhone, iPad models are in Lidyana?

While talking about complementary parts, it is impossible not to talk about bag models. The bags that will make you more elegant, waiting to be yours at Lidyana. If we are done with our clothes and shoes,It is time to have jewelery, cosmetics and make-up products. In addition to special items such as personalized necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings,our Lidyana Accessories brand also offers the most stylish accessory models you may come across in our product scale. If we are done with jewelries Lets attach one of Daniel Wellington,Casio or Up! Watch watches because these timeless watch brands make their customers pleased with their design in style that you can use for years. If make-up is completed with the products of famous brands, such as Clinique, Kerastase and Maybelline, pioneering in cosmetics and hair care, put on perfume and you are ready to go out.

As a Lidyana family, thank you for hosting us on your style journey. We wish you enjoyable shopping experience at